Book Review: Debt Proof Living Book Review

Debt Proof Living is probably my favorite book out of the financial books that I have read. Her writing style is plain, simple and easy to read while still getting the point across. Mary seems to have the capability of explaining money management as though it is all just common sense. When you read the book you will not be thinking, “Wow I could never do that”, she makes it look so much easier.

This book is a relatively complete plan for getting yourself out of debt and then staying out of debt. Of course no book can have every possible scenario in it but I think that Mary Hunt did an excellent job of covering all of the major bases in to help you live financially free.

Debt Proof Living tells the story of Mary and her family as they decide to jump off of the debt treadmill. Their story of sacrifice is inspiring and once again shows us that it can be done.

Mary also writes from a Christian perspective that I can relate to easily.

In the Introduction to the book Mary Writes “We don’t need more credit or more stuff. What we need is the courage to think for ourselves, the maturity to tailor our lifestyles to fit within our incomes, and the willingness to find contentment where we are and with what we have.”

If I had to buy one and only one financial book (other than my e-book) Debt Proof Living would be it.

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