Book Review: 48 Days To Creative Income

I purchased 48 Days To Creative Income in the winter of 2004 when I was looking for some additional income. I was looking for what Dan Miller calls a different “work model”. After working some overtime I decided to use the extra income to purchase both 48 Days To Creative Income and 48 Days To The Work You Love. I didn’t know which one would help me the most, plus you get a cost savings for buying both so I purchased both at the same time. In addition I received the CD titled Turning Passions Into Profits.

I’m not sure how close to 48 days it was but shortly afterward I started a small business. This business has not been a get rich quick story by any means but it has grown over the last year and a half to a point where it pays for itself plus a couple hundred dollars each month. The best thing about it is that I enjoy it. Over the coming years I plan to continue and grow this business and do not plan to retire from it.

This small business that I have started did not jump straight from the pages of 48 Days To Creative Income. What the book did was prod me to search out what I was really interested in and to research and find what would fit me.

I’m like everyone else and would like to have answered a few questions and then receive a computer printout of can’t miss jobs or businesses that would fit me perfectly. Unfortunately this is impossible. Instead, Dan Miller guides you to analyze yourself to see what it is that you are made to do, your best fit.

This book along with Turning Passions Into Profits changed the way I look at work and earning a living in general.

Take a look at the chapter titles below; they will give you a good idea of what is covered. The appendix is also very helpful including a list if Internet sites and books that you can use to assist you in the process.

If you would like to step out on your own then 48 Days To Creative Income is a great first step.

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